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Sale Peugeot 206 SW 2.0 HDI - Spares or Repairs

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Peugeot 206 SW 2.0 HDI - Spares or Repairs


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Sale Price: £200.00
Car location: Burgess Hill, United Kingdom
Last update: 23.10.2021

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MOT valid until 31 January 2022 but not currently safe to drive
Technician Notes:Nearside outer sill heavily corroded.Break servo leaking pressure.OSF tyre on legal limit.Both rear and both front suspension arms bushes heavily worn.Rear exhaust box broken away from from centre section.Front number plate needs replacing.Both front coil springs corroded.OSF top mount cup corroded.Both front inner rack ends have movement.Oil leak from engine and gear box.

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Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

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