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Sale Plymouth Duster 1975 Worked 340 - Classic Hemi Muscle Car

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AU $14,100.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller
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Sale Price: AU $14,100.00
Car location: Kanahooka, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 1.10.2021

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Plymouth Duster 1975 Worked 340 - Classic Hemi Muscle Car
Great example of 70's Mopar Muscle - Becoming Rarer
Will come with NSW RWC - Can have 12mths rego at buyers expense
Fantastic opportunity to own a classic US Hemi muscle car! Needs a little tidy up work but nothing major, not a show car but definitely a solid cruiser which will turn heads wherever you drive.
Engine is a 340 Hemi, Edelbrock carb & manifold, headwork (details unknown), Extractors and custom exhaust. Very strong HP engine. Performance Torqueflite 727 with B&M shifter.
Body is extremely straight with very little rust. Wheels are 15x7 American Racing with 215 and 255 tyres.
Decent examples becoming rare in the states.
Advertised elsewhere so I reserve the right to end auction early.

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Kanahooka, Australia

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