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Sale Princess Vanden Plas 4lt R

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Princess Vanden Plas 4lt RPrincess Vanden Plas 4lt RPrincess Vanden Plas 4lt RPrincess Vanden Plas 4lt RPrincess Vanden Plas 4lt R

AU $20,000.00

Model:Princess Vanden Plas 4lt R
Body Type:Sedan
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Manufacturer:Vanden plas
:“A fully restored 1964 Princess with a Rolls Royce motor and all luxury fittings only covered 19000 miles since completed, featuring power steering, auto trans and power disc brakes. A great touring car capable of 98 mph, the rolls motor keeps up with todays traffic and is a pleasure to drive. All woodwork has been refurbished and an engine recondition carried out. It has won 7 trophies in competitions and is a real attraction. It has had a bare metal respray in black over grey and looks stunning. New whitewall tyres were fitted on restoration and show very little wear.”

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Sale Price: AU $20,000.00
Car location: Shepparton, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 19.12.2020

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This car has been totally restored, replacing any worn or damaged parts starting with the engine, new rings, pistons expanded, bearings replaced, crank shaft linished, bore honed, cylinder head fully reconditioned, side valves reseated and guides fitted, new gaskets throughout,gear box serviced and checked over andall brakes including hoses have been replaced with new booster and cylinders replacing linings and disc pads. All suspension bushes and engine mounts have been replaced, front shockers rebuilt and new rear shockers fitted. Body and interior refitted and new carpets fitted. Gear box serviced and checked over. A bare metal respray was done and painted in acrylic Black over Carlton Grey which is an original colour for this model. I have a hundred photos of this restoration available to any person interested in purchasing the vehicle. It is on club plates & not transferable.Inspection is invited withappointment contact via ebay.

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Shepparton, Australia

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