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Sale range rover 2 door 350 chev

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range rover 2 door 350 chev

AU $7,000.00

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Sale Price: AU $7,000.00
Car location: Ferntree Gully, Australia
Last update: 28.10.2021

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Range rover with neat 350 chev motor.Msd ignition.Bushes replaced in distributor.Aluminium radiatorBa falcoln fans35 x 12.5 inch bfg all terrain tyres(not bad conditiin)Rear swing away carrierRoof lining worked on, reguires rear to be reattched.Not sure where the key is!Moved vehicle from shed to farm.Drove from adelaide all the way to melbourne.Listed on ebay as the wife is exhausted taking texts, calls, offers pleads.More than welcome to make an offer.Sun roofDecent seats.Dash top would require removal and vinyl covered.Please note vehicle is listed multiple places.Snorkel in the back of the car- cannor remember why i took it off

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Ferntree Gully, Australia

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