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Sale RARE 1992 Suzuki cappuccino in excellent condition !! JDM Kei car turbo

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RARE 1992 Suzuki cappuccino in excellent condition !! JDM Kei car turbo

AU $17,980.00

:“Has been called the BEST SPORTS CAR EVER !! appreciating JDM classic "kei" car. 660cc turbo 5 speed manual with cat back exhaust (sounds awesome), pod filter, aftermarket steering wheel and 14" aftermarket alloy wheels with good tyres.Currently on club registration which is non-transferable but the car can be registered in any state in Australia (over 25 years old).In great condition with new shocks fitted and even comes with the with factory targa top covers !!New Kenwood KMM-BT306 stereo fitted with built-in Bluetooth & USB Receiver for handsfree calling.Grab a bargain with this regretful Covid sale !!Can help with interstate delivery.This car is exceptional value at $17,980. Watch the heads turn as you cruise the streets in this 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino convertible.”

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Sale Price: AU $17,980.00
Car location: Richmond, Australia
Last update: 16.09.2021

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appreciating JDM classic "kei" car
Has been called the BEST SPORTS CAR EVER !!
660cc turbo 5 speed manual with cat
back exhaust (sounds awesome), pod filter, aftermarket steering wheel
and 14" aftermarket alloy wheels with good tyres.
Currently on
club registration which is non-transferable but the car can be
registered in any state in Australia (over 25 years old).
In great condition with new shocks fitted and even comes with the with factory targa top covers !!
New Kenwood KMM-BT306 stereo fitted with built-in Bluetooth & USB Receiver for handsfree calling.
Grab a bargain with this regretful Covid sale !!
Can help with interstate delivery.
Watch the heads turn as you cruise
the streets in this 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino convertible.

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Richmond, Australia

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