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RESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed Manual For Sale

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AU $45,000.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller
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Sale Price: AU $45,000.00
Car location: Lane Cove, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 21.01.2022

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RESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed Manual-This is not a normal TR7, it’s a TR7/8 V8 (TR8 Hornet)- Restored TR7 to TR8 Specs- Full NSW Rego till Dec 2022- Also have Brand New BBS style wheels still in the box if someone prefers them and can be added to the sale. (Pictured in this ad but not on the car yet)- Engineered- Matching numbers- Rare Factory Air Conditioning that is very Cold- This Triumph TR7/8 V8 is Australian delivered and has been loved and tastefully modified with all Engineering- Vin: TPKEJ7AT[hidden information]- Brand New Rover 3.9L V8 Petrol engine- Only 300kms. Not even run in yet- Amazing feel on the road with classic styling of the 70's and the power and torque of today's sports car- Later model TR7 FHC- Professionally built by the Triumph Centre, Osborne Park WA- Re-engineered with 3.9 litre Landrover Discovery 1 V8 by Markich Motors Bayswater WA, October 2021- Essentially this is a TR8- Immaculate inside/ out and mechanically- Zero rust- Brand New deep dish BBS style wheels- Brand New tyres- Paint is good but has a few scratches and scraps under front spoiler as it’s quite low.- Small ding on back corner of roof on passenger side- Brand New interior- Brand New Roadworthy- New body kit- Brand New Sports exhaust (Amazing V8 rumble)- Huge amount of time and money have been spent on this unique TR7/8- Brand New fitted with an alloy Rover 3.9L V8 as per factory installations- Engine: Rover 3.9L with Holley carburettor- Brand New Fully Engineered by:- Engineer Certification Number:- Factory Air Conditioning ‘’Cold’’- Brand New electric fan- Brand New radiator- Always runs very cool, even on very hot days- Brand New electric fuel pump- Brand New extractors.- Brand NewTransmission; gearbox standard Rover LT77 5-speed reconditioned- Brand New Rebuilt rear axle with 3.08:1 differential.- Brand New uprated brakes- Brand New upgraded suspension- Brand New fully restored upholstery- New professional respray from bare metal- Brand NewSuspension upgraded with reinforced rear trailing arms- Brand New Brakes: Front ventilated discs and 4-pot callipers; rear standard drums. Upgraded master cylinder and booster.- Brand New electrical equipment: Starter motor, Alternator, Headlamp motors, Windscreen- Electric fuel pump with isolation switch- Thermatic cooling fan- Custom Paint GM HSV Hothouse Green- Performance brand Mag wheels (5x)- Upgraded (TR7 to Standard TR8 Kit) brakes- Asking price is well below rebuild- Will thrill any driver with great feedback from both the road holding and also the lovely sound from the V8 engine- The original handbook and some of Restoration receipts- Useful reference for V8 conversions: ‘How to improve Triumph TR7 TR7-V8 TR8 by Roger Williams, Veloce Publishing.’
Call Rob 0412 165 916Lane Cove NSW 2066

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Lane Cove, Australia

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