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Sale RESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/TR8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed Manual

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RESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/TR8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed ManualRESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/TR8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed ManualRESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/TR8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed Manual

AU $49,000.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $49,000.00
Car location: Leichhardt, NSW, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 8.04.2021

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RESTORED 1981 Triumph TR7/TR8 3.9L V8. 5 Speed ManualThis is not a normal TR7, it’s a TR7-V8Fully Restored. Like Brand New but Better!This TRIUMPH TR7 V8 is Australian delivered and has to been loved and tastefully modified with aRover 3.9Lt V8 engine to give it a fabulous feel on the road with classic styling of the 70's and the power and torque of today's sports carsLater model TR7 FHC, Vin TCG[hidden information]It is essentially a TR8.Completely immaculate inside, out and mechanically in everywayHuge amount of time and money have been spent on this unique TR7/8Brand New fitted with an alloy Rover 3.9L V8 as per factory installationsEngine: Rover 3.9L with Holley carburettorBrand New electric fanBrand New radiatorBrand New electric fuel pumpBrand New extractors.Brand NewTransmission; gearbox standard Rover LT77 5-speed reconditionedBrand New Rebuilt rear axle with 3.08:1 differential.Brand New uprated brakesBrand New upgraded suspensionBrand New fully restored upholsteryBrand New professional respray from bare metal(Bare metal refinish in 2 pack original factory colour ‘Carmine’ by professional panel shop)Brand New exhaust with amazing Old School V8 gargleBrand New 15’’ Superlite alloy rims mimicking the Minilite's of the period complete the picture(Standard alloy wheels with new 185x70x13 tyres are also available)Brand New Bridgestone Tyres all roundBrand NewSuspension upgraded with reinforced rear trailing armsBrand New competition springs (front) ,anti-dive blocks, Koni adjustable shock absorbers.Brand New Brakes: Front ventilated discs and 4-pot callipers; rear standard drums. Upgraded master cylinder and booster.Brand New electrical equipment: Starter motor, Alternator, Headlamp motors, Windscreen motors.Battery relocated to boot and relays fitted to headlamps circuit. Electric fuel pump with isolation switch.Brand New seatsBrand New WindscreenBrand New Heater unit.Only 7,000 km since full restorationAsking price is well below rebuild costsWill thrill any driver with great feedback from both the road holding and also the lovely sound from the V8 engineThe original handbook and folder together with a Heritage Certificate complete the paperworkCall Rob[hidden information]Extra notes:Instruments have been checked, replaced and/or modified for V8 engine where necessary. Replacement odometershowed 20,000 km when installed. Standard TR7 4 cylinder tachometers are redlined at 6500 rpm.For Rover V8 engines maximum rpm should be 5500 rpm. With standard 13 inch wheels and tyres, 2450 rpm equatesto 100 kph in 5th gear. Useful reference for V8 conversions: ‘How to improve Triumph TR7 TR7-V8 TR8 by Roger Williams, Veloce Publishing.’

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Leichhardt, NSW, Australia

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