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Sale Suzuki Ignis 1.3cc 12 Month MOT 2 Keys 71000 miles

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Suzuki Ignis 1.3cc 12 Month MOT 2 Keys 71000 miles


Exterior:Alloy Wheels, Catalytic Converter
V5 Registration Document:Present
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Engine Size:0.3
In-Car Audio:CD Player
MOT Expiry:202209
Interior/Comfort Options:Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks
Service History Available:Partial
Body Type:Hatchback
Metallic Paint:Yes
Drivetrain:2 WD

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Sale Price: £995.00
Car location: hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Last update: 19.10.2021

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Suzuki Ignos 1.3cc
Full MOT and 2 keys
4 good tyres and all paperwork and handbooks available.
Clean car in side and out and has been owned by one family since new.
welcome to view [hidden information].
Drives as it should all items work and has eklecric front windows.

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hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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