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Sale Toyota: Corolla

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Toyota: CorollaToyota: CorollaToyota: Corolla

C $35,000.00

:“Clean title, no rust and professionally built”

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Sale Price: C $35,000.00
Car location: Toronto, Canada
Last update: 20.07.2021

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Up for sale is a fully built AE86 for street or track! Swapped with a K24 and ITB, this build is catered to true drivers. Power to weight ratio is insane and can serve as a weekend warrior or with some tweaks, a full time attack car!
See last attached image for full spec sheet! Vehicle can be shipped at buyers expense. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feel free to email with any questions. A build like this is near impossible these days as these cars are nearly extinct but the parts on this build are even more rare. Don't miss your chance to own a truly well built car with no expense spared!
Thank you for looking!

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Toronto, Canada

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