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Sale Toyota: MR2 GT

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C $16,000.00

Engine:2L Turbo Gen 3
Number of Cylinders:4
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Black
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Convertible
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Power Options:Powered Folding Mirrors, Auto Climate Control, Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
:“Always garaged and under cover when not driven. Well maintained and currently no known mechanical problems. No body rust. Regularly waxed to protect the paint. One accident during my ownership and total repair cost was $500 for repair of front bumper. Never driven in winter or even rain. All glasses original. Tires and breaks are good as well as recent oil change, new spark plugs and check up. Always used synthetic oil. Ash tray was stolen many years ago with the T Top off!”
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: C $16,000.00
Car location: North Vancouver, Canada
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 4.08.2021

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Original 1994 Toyota MR2 Turbo GT Gen 3
I imported this car myself and after 13 years it’s time for her to find a new home as I’m just not driving her much between family and work. She’s been the love of my life and fountain of youth but it’s time to let go. Put in lots and lots of money in upgrades. Overall in excellent shape with no problems. Can be a daily driver or a toy.
Love the T-Top; great for summer cruises.
2-tone black leather and dark blue suede interior in good condition. Always garaged and under cover.
I’m the second owner; imported her myself in 2009. Car had no accidents with top rating and 105,000 KM from Japan. Currently the odometer is at 132,750 KM. One minor accident in 2014 during my ownership, only repaired the front bumper and did a touch up paint.
This is the gen3 with the 3S-GTE motor, upgraded brakes, transmission and diff. Very rare find. Powered folding mirrors, steering adaptive fog lights (currently Toyota’s standard yellow fog lights installed), auto climate control with AC working great. 2 original keys, one remote. Here is a list of the upgrades over the years off the top of my head:
- Haltech Sport 1000 ECU with Plug&Play harness, have the stock ECU if you want to go back. Haltech O2 and EGT sensors, Haltech electronic boost controller. Car tuned professionally to a modest 15lbs of boost as I never intended to race.
- Fujitsubo full exhaust and down pipe. I have the stock cat if you want to put it back on.
- Fully adjustable Tein suspension. You can add active damper controller easily.
- Front and rear sway bars
- Dual fan engine lid shroud
- Engine lid strut
- Hart Racing 17” wheels with 225/45-17 Vredestein tires- Performance street brake pads, no noise and good grip
- Momo steering wheel
- Short shifter, very precise but easy to drive
- Compustar alarm with DroneMobile (remote and app)
- Aftermarket JVC head unit, pioneer speakers, focal amp and sub
This is Toyota’s engineering at its best. You will truly appreciate it. A joy to drive, lots of fun and very reliable.
I can send more photos, videos or information as needed. Vehicle is in Vancouver, BC, has a clean title and insured for the summer. Title is clean and it has been registered under my name since 2008. Buyer would need to arrange and pay for any shipping charges, import/export fees, payment fees and applicable taxes if any.

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North Vancouver, Canada

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