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Sale Vc sle commodore 334

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AU $11,700.00

For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
:“1980 vc sle commodore v8 Auto”

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Sale Price: AU $11,700.00
Car location: Moss vale, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 16.11.2020

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Unfortunately my plans can no longer go ahead and I??m looking to part ways with my vc sle.I have owned it for four years .the roof ,bonnet and boot lid were painted by a local company around 2 years ago .It is no show car but it is in very good condition for a 40 year old car .There is shopping cart dents on doors and also stone chips and a few scratches .The interior is in great condition apart from the carpet letting go in places and also usual wear and tear .Engine is not original .It starts runs and drives but does have a miss and the brakes are spongy .The heater has been bypassed previous to me owning it .Specs-243 v8Auto334pack so has electric windows (rear don??t work)rear headrest cruise control air con(doesn??t work)and more .As for rust the only place I can see any is on the drivers side guard and it isn??t very bad at all.I bought the car from a deceased estate where it had been in a shed for the last 12 years .It is a Sydney built and sold car and has never been owned out of state .I was told I was the third owner when I bought it.
Very reluctant sale but if I get the right money for it I will let it go .
Located in moss vale 2577 Nsw
NO SWAPS at all I need the money
For any more photos send me a text and I will send thru what is needed .[hidden information] Mitch

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Moss vale, Australia

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