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Sale VOLVO 850 Estate AUTO 2.5 Petrol & LPG GAS 151K S/Hist MoT Sep 21 Much Work Done

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VOLVO 850 Estate AUTO 2.5 Petrol & LPG GAS 151K S/Hist MoT Sep 21 Much Work DoneVOLVO 850 Estate AUTO 2.5 Petrol & LPG GAS 151K S/Hist MoT Sep 21 Much Work DoneVOLVO 850 Estate AUTO 2.5 Petrol & LPG GAS 151K S/Hist MoT Sep 21 Much Work Done


Model:850 AUTO Estate
Exterior:Alloy Wheels, Catalytic Converter
Colour:Green Olive Pearl Code 421
V5 Registration Document:Present
Modified Item:No
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Engine Size:2435
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Immobiliser, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Country/Region of Manufacture:Sweden
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo
MOT Expiry:202109
Reg. Date:19950829
Interior/Comfort Options:Leather Seats, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks
Previous owners (excl. current):10
Body Type:Estate
Metallic Paint:Yes
Drivetrain:2 WD

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Sale Price: £1,795.00
Car location: LINCOLN, United Kingdom
Last update: 29.01.2021

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Hi ebayers
My VOLVO 850 Estate AUTODual Fuel - Petrol & LPG GasRecently sold locally and traded back in
due to purchase of a new Mobility Vehicle.2.4 – 5 Cylinder
Dual Fuel – Petrol & LPG
In Dark Olive Green Pearl – Code 421
Registered August 1995 on a N Plate
Comes with recent new MoT now due
24th September 2021
The mileage on the car is estimated
To be 151,000 based on the mileage of 140K
Showing for the last 3 years
While the car was believed to be owned by a chap
Who did very little mileage.
The odometer had stopped working
Which is a common fault on these cars
But this has now been rectified with a
New set of internal cogs fitted to the odometer
And mileage is once again being recorded.
Based on previous information I wound the
ON to 150K to estimate the mileage since 2017
But I cannot guarantee this but it can’t be far out
Being owned by a low mileage user.
The service history does exist
But it has been lost so all I have
Is the V5 in my name,
MoT print out from DVLA Website
Report from
The car was a CAT C in November 2004
The repairs were carried out and the car
Has been on the road since then.
Cambelt wise there is a sticker inside the engine
Indicating a cambelt change at 140K in 2017.
The sticker is for a GATES Cambelt.
There is no paperwork to back this
So I’ve had the car down at my local garage
And we,ve removed the cover and inspected
The belt and all components and have confirmed
The belt is a Gates belt as it has their logo
On the outside so it is definitely not the
We have also examined the inside teeth on the belt
And there is no wear or cracks or any imperfection
on the belt
Inside the teeth themselves
and the outside is not grooved or shiny.
I have taken photos of this and it is clear the kit
And belt are not old and the paint marks
On the camshaft wheels are fresh.
With all this in mind I estimate
The belt has covered somewhere round
10,000 miles and is three years old.
Volvo specify cambelt change every 5 years
Or 70,000 but age wise I wouldn’t change
A Volvo belt on 5 years – rather 8-10 years old.
The car has been a work horse so it is not perfect
but has been maintained from what is seen
and how the car drives -very well on all roads with
good acceleration, definitely sufficiently Quick!And nice smooth 4 speed Auto gearbox
With sport mode and winter mode all working okay.
With smooth changes and kickdown works fine
making the car very easy to drive.
ATF has been checked and is a nice red colour
With no bits or anything mixed with it.
The oil and filter were changed just as lockdown
Kicked in but the car has not done
about 1000 miles since then.
But just to be sure it has just been done again
In the last couple of weeks so it won’t need doing
For a while – I believe oil changes are every
On these older Volvos and 5W30 is the kiddy!Powered by Volvo’s 5 Cylinder 10v - 2435cc engine
Producing 144 BHP which drives the car
Very adequately and good power delivery
On kickdown with strong even acceleration.
While at the garage I got under the car to inspect
The underside and was delighted to find
The engine is bone dry underneath
And there are no leaks of anything
On the underside of the car.Also had a brand new battery fitted on 23 Nov 2020
so it's still under warrantyThe cat and exhaust are all okay
following the repair of a small section hole
which has been welded up and sealed.Apart from surface rust
the underside is solid
With only surface rust on components
But the floor is solid.
I have taken a load of photos
Some of which are shown in the picture pack.
Average mileage is still showing
33.4 which is very good for an old
Auto Volvo 2.4 engine.I know these cars are very good on fuel consumption
because on the plastic frame below the front seats
it says 'SIPS'As said, the car is also dual fuel
Petrol & LPG.In December 2020 the car was taken to a
local well reputed LPG Gas Installer/Dealer
who carried out a complete examination and test
of the LPG System which it passed with flying colours
and the car is now registered on the database for LPG Vehicles.You can check this from this website address:
The LPG system is the Italian made ZAVOLI
Renown to make very good LPG systems
Which is working fine on the car.
Zavoli are a leading LPG company who have
Developed LPG which results in only
A 2-3% loss of power against petrol
Which is very good for LPG.And the thing I really like is the filler connection
It is located under the rear bumper on the right
Attached to a metal bracket which has been
Bolted to the metal bumper bar.
There is no plastic flexi pipe and no hole in the
rear wing
Just the metal pipe going straight into the tank
Which is a 65Ltr doughnut in the spare wheel bay.
There is a small gauge to the right of the steering
By the light switch all working okay.
It starts on petrol then changes overto gas
As soon as it starts to warm and you drive off
And accelerate.
Once the car has been run and warmed up
It switches over to LPG the moment you start the
It only runs on fuel from cold start
For the first quarter mile then
Switches over automatically
Unless you switch off the gas selection
With the little push button on the gauge.
It will then run on petrol all the time
Until you select Gas again.If the LPG runs out while you’re driving along
It switches automatically back to petrol
With no effects – all you hear is the click
Of the selector going back to petrol then
the Gas panel bleeps to inform you of the swap over
back to petrol and you just push the selector button
to clear the bleep and the car stays on petrol
until you refill the gas tank and select gas.With LPG you do lose a little bit of mpg
So I’d suggest it will average 27-30 mpg
On urban/ normal commuting
But I would say it’ll get over 30 on a decent run.
So overall the car is old and looking a bit worn
Here and there but all things considered it is a
nice motor
Still got plenty of life left in it and it is a
Pleasure to drive and a nice place to be.
I’ve done a few bits since I got the car as well:
Sanded down, primed and re-sprayed
the front bumper lower part coz it had a lot of
and marks on it – and I’ve replaced the bottom
grill covers
as old ones were broken and one was missing.
Headlight wiper trim panels have been removed
And also resprayed and one replaced
Because it was badly marked and the cracked
One replaced by a serviceable replacement.
The heater fan was squeaking badly
And had a feint knocking which was the fan
Catching the housing assembly
Which was very annoying so I’ve had that out
And adjusted the position of the motor
Against the fan to stop it catching
And greased up with copper grease
The bearings at both ends of the spindle.
Refitted the motor and all is well and quieter now.The Front brakes have just had new calipers fitted
so working perfectly now
Back brakes are all okay.As mentioned the odometer wasn’t working
So had the clocks out stripped down
And fitted new set of cogs onto the odometer
Also checked all the PCBs for any obvious
Damage or burn marks etc - all okay.
I also replaced the 4 main back light bulbs
And a few of the warning lights on the bottom
After testing them all as some had blown
So they’re all working now as they should.
I’ve also replaced the back light bulbs
In the heater control panel coz it was a pain
To operate at night but all okay now.
The service light needs to be reset
As it lights up every 5000 miles.
It will stay on for around 2 minutes after starting
the car
Then go off til next time you restart the car.To reset it you would need a diagnostic tool
Because the car has an OBD II port under the
Coin tray, or you can remove the service light bulb
But I decided to leave it in when I fixed the
The leather interior is fair but marked and cracked
The drivers seat Is worst but still quite
And firm – the bum warmer doesn’t work.
The seats are very comfortable with
Black/Grey Leather seats.
Centre console and facias and dash all good
Save a few age related marks but no damage.
Both rear seat backs can be folded flat
By operating the levers on the top
But the small one has lost its spring so
Has to be done manually by removing the cover
But it does work and can be locked back in place
Safe and secure so it is okay.The heater is also very warm and is
operated off the control panel on the centre facia.
works spot on using the normal switch on the control panel
and it is red hot when it gets warmed up!!
All the vent selections work okay
And the air delivery has definitely improved
Since I serviced the heater fan.
Also has Air Con which is working
And recently serviced and re-gassed.
Door mirrors adjusted electronically
In Car entertainment system is a
Volvo radio/cassette & CD player with code
Sound is okay but it won’t play CDs
I’ve had it to bits and freed up the little micro
Inside which registers a CD loaded but
Didn’t make any difference!
Plays the radio okay
Don’t know about tapes
Does light up as I changed all the backlight bulbs
But the digital display doesn’t
It is a soldering job on these units.
Windows are all electric with
one touch on front windows
The bodywork has had paintwork in its life
And has been done to a fairly good standard
But not all at the same time
And the offside rear door has been
Done and is okay but a bit flat.
Front wings are okay and no bad rust holes on them.
The NSF has a crease just behind the indicator
But no paint broken so I’ve left it as it is.
While noticeable it is not that bad
And doesn’t detract from the good state
Of the rest of the car.
The roof has a few marks on it but has
Still come up very nice with a light T Cut
And polish.
Wheels are a good set of early V70 16” Alloys
With superb 205/50/16 Tyres all with excellent
Around 6-7mm on all 4 with no uneven wear or
Alloys have some kerb scrapes and brake dust stains
But they have been refurbed at some point
As they are not the original Volvo silver.
Inside the load area is all as it should be
With jack & wheel brace all present and correctThe Gas Tank sits inside the spare wheel bay
and I have bought a matching 16" Alloy
and had a part worn tyre fitted
so there is now a spare Wheel
as shown in the photos.There is no tonneau cover.Thereis 1 Keys and that is it
in full working order
operates all the locks and ignition.
So there you have it
One exceptional car offering
Practical load lugging reliability & Safety
Typical old school Volvo reliability
And the added bonus of LPG Gas
Which is around 70p litre at the moment
Making the car very cheap to run.
Nice big size engine running efficiently
and powerful enough to get this car down the road
at a very good pace whether fully loaded or empty.
Very practical family car or load lugger
on estimated low mileage for its age
and comes with a long MoT.
Very easy to drive with the smooth AUTO box,
looking greatwith its new paint and
polished uppaint & Trim
16 inch Volvo alloys & Very good tyres,
This car is Ready To Go and at 25 years of age
is a good example of a modern Classic Car.My1995VOLVO 850 Estate AUTO with LPG
is offered for sale on ebay
at £1795Cash on collection is okay but
bank transfer is preferred.
I will also be happy to hold the car for you
over an agreed time period
on security of a deposit
Without a deposit the car will remain for sale on a
first come, first served basis without exception.
Delivery is also possible
within the UK if this helps you out
but subject to my availability
as I am a shift worker
It can be arranged however
and it would be my
to deliver this car anywhere!!
I have trade plates and fully insured.
Also happy to deliver the car to a
ferry port or air/rail terminal
if you are travelling from outside UK.
I ask £1 per mile (ish) one way for delivery
then make my own way back.
I positively welcome any inspection from anyone
who wishes to view the car and I’d be happy
to demonstrate the car for you.
Please feel free to bring along
a mechanic, engineer
or friend with you to view the car
AA/RAC etc all welcome
please contact me to arrange.
I have nothing to hide and welcome
any inspection of the car.
The photos were taken on
17th October 2020and show the car
as it actually isnow.
They do make the car look better than in real life
But it has still polished up really nice
And looks good throughout.
I have tried to get as close
to the car as possible
but if you require any specific
picture of any part of the car
just ask and I'llobtain it and email it to you.
If you have any questions or would like
to view/inspect the car please contact Pete
via ebay or on
07825 [hidden information]
We are in Coningsby
14 miles north of Boston in
sunny spuddy Lincolnshire.
Please check out my other items
Thank you for reading my ad.

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LINCOLN, United Kingdom

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