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Sale VQ Statesman 1990 5 Litre

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AU $21,000.00

Registration State:VIC
Registration Number:1QO 41T
Safety Features:Back Seat Safety Belts, Immobiliser, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
Options:Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, AM, FM Stereo, Climate Control, Cruise Control
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: AU $21,000.00
Car location: Cobram, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 6.11.2021

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Very clean and straight. Drives very smooth and strong. 90% original paint work.In the past 12 months it has had the following work done to it# Fully rebuilt trans and new torque converter# Fully rebuilt tail shaft# New tyres# New heavy duty battery# New starter motor# Radiator flush# Aircon fully serviced with new compressor and O rings, oil and dye and regas. It is nice and cold# New powersteer pump# All new Pedders sports rider suspension# Front struts and springs also strut tops# Rear shocks and springs# Rear drive shafts and all wheel bearings front and rear# New pads and rotors front and rearThis car has no body roll. It also sits at correct factory body heightEverything works as it shouldNothing to spend, just drive and enjoy as it goes up in valueHas rego till 28/01/22. It will come with RWC for Vic buyerThis car has done less than 6,000 Ks since all work completedThe car itself has done approximately 280k. The cluster was changed at 232ks with current second hand cluster showing 395ksDoes not burn oil or use waterWill require deposit from purchaser before roadworthy is doneCleared funds also required prior to pick upIf you wish to view the car please call Nat on [hidden information]All receipts for work completedHas original books

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Cobram, Australia

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