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Sale VW golf my19

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VW golf my19VW golf my19VW golf my19

AU $24,499.00

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Body Type:Hatchback
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $24,499.00
Car location: Surfers Paradise, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 3.09.2021

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For sale is a brand new purchased, MY19 GOLF with VERY LOW kms.
The MY19 label applies to the MOST RECENT SERIES produced.
Features include:
GPS and other apps aided by Bluetooth, APPLE CARPLAY, ANDROID AUTO etc.Electronic park brake (push button handbrake)1 button "soft handbrake" activator (can be on/ off) essentially means you won't need to keep your foot on the brake at red lights.1 button Engine shutoff activator (can be on/off.)Reversing camera with parking assistanceFront and rear sensors to avoid scraping/impacting obstaclesAuto braking for collision assistanceContinental (BRAND) tyres intended for this modelCD player, SD card slot, AUXillary (headphone jack) Bluetooth for music and other media files etc.Large viewing screen for all passengersDigital display screen for driver4 cup holders2 USB Slots for charging/connecting devicesLarge bootspace for this category. There's a removable partition to store taller objects or 1 button to easily and Completely flat folding rear row seats for even more space.Middle seat transforms into armrest.Sporty design of front and rear bumper, also the wheels but everything is stock.Includes official floor mats which are (optional extras when new)
Other information:
OVER 2 YEARS remain on the warrantee until 2024.Very low kms as mentioned.2 original keys.Original log books and wheel alignment receipts show that warranty has been maintained, also that servicing has been regular.Other paperwork such as registration information and reports needed for slips etc.One proud owner who keeps it meticulously clean using the VW products, and drives slowly to initiate a well set engine.Untouched tool kit and spare tyre below.
All interested parties who can visit the garage in Surfers Paradise please contact ADAM for a visit:
0428 383 [hidden information]

Contact Details

Surfers Paradise, Australia

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