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Vw passat, spares or repairs for Sale
Vw passat, spares or repairs for SaleVw passat, spares or repairs for Sale



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Vehicle Information

Sale price: £201.00
Car location: Warrington, United Kingdom
Last update: 31.10.2020

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Current customer rating 3 based on 5 votes

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Had the car only a little over a year, used it for work so it's not too clean inside, carried building materials, alternator belt came off last week as the cast part that the wheel is attached to snapped on my way to work, it still drove but without power steering. Engine still works fine along with all electrics.
The guy I bought it from had done alot of work to it, including replacing the breaks with audi s4 ones so the breaks light has been on the whole time, alternator workshop warning comes on obviously now too along with the battery light. The guy had it remapped and can't even remember what else he did to it.It's currently sorn so will need to be towed or trailered away.Welcome to come take a look, will have to be in the evening though anytime after 6pm
Worth more stripping for partsOn 26-Oct-20 at 17:17:08 GMT, seller added the following information:Forgot to say aswell, the rear passenger door now won't open, the mechanism locks and unlocks but the door won't open, happened last week, no idea why. 
And  remembered the guy had the DPF removed, it still passed it's MOT without it but the engine light stays on

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