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Sale VY Commodore auto Ac Lpg June rego Reliable

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VY Commodore auto Ac Lpg June rego ReliableVY Commodore auto Ac Lpg June rego ReliableVY Commodore auto Ac Lpg June rego Reliable

AU $1,900.00

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For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $1,900.00
Car location: Mount Eliza, VIC, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 11.04.2021

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VY Commodore sedan
V6 Automatic
Dual fuel, petrol & LPG, runs fine on both petrol & gas
Air conditioning & Towbar.
Recent history
[hidden information]km oil & filter change
[hidden information]km new front struts & mounts fitted, lovells upgraded springs fitted front & rear & wheel alignment.
[hidden information] 24/11/20 oil & filter change
[hidden information] 6/3/21 Engine mount on passenger side replaced
[hidden information] 1/4/21Leads, plugs, air filter & front rotors renewed
Prior to that the gas tank was tested & restamped so is well in date
Car is hardly getting used anymore so we’ve decided to sell it
It doesn’t have power windows or cruise control
Biggest problem is the srs airbag light is on. Has been for about a year, apart from that there’s a couple of little things that would need attention like the handbrake which needs adjusting, one of the buttons has come off the steering wheel radio controls & the drivers seat has a hole so would need a seat cover.Oh. & it has the clear coat peel thing happening but overall the car is still presentable:)
Other than that I have no idea what it might need for a Rwc as I’m not a mechanic, but the lights all work, the tyres & brakes are good, & the suspension was recently renewed
The previous owner had a big stereo in it so the doors, rear parcel shelf, rear seat back & boot lid have all had the dynamat Sound deadening fitted.& all the upgraded wiring for the stereo, amps, speakers & subwoofers are still in the car but there is no stereo currently in the car.
Am selling the car with the remaining registration & plates & the Rwc is to be obtained by the new owner.
Very cheap to run & very reliable. Would make an excellent first car or daily

Contact Details

Mount Eliza, VIC, Australia

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