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Sale WH Holden Statesman LS1 6 Speed manual T56 project donor drag collector v8 drift

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WH Holden Statesman LS1 6 Speed manual T56 project donor drag collector v8 driftWH Holden Statesman LS1 6 Speed manual T56 project donor drag collector v8 driftWH Holden Statesman LS1 6 Speed manual T56 project donor drag collector v8 drift

AU $5,000.00

Car Type:Collector Cars
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“suit donor car for conversion”

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Sale Price: AU $5,000.00
Car location: Tara, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 12.02.2021

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Purchased this a fair while ago with the intention of robbing the engine and gearbox for my HQ ute daily but have had a change of heart and decided to go with a more old school setup.
Wh Stato with rather angry LS1 and T56 6 speed manual, don't know much about it, was built as a sleeper and apparently had a lot of work done, i have not had the engine apart so will not speculate.
can still be registered and i have a current REVS certificate [not written of or on any register etc]
speedo is showing [hidden information] ish but i doubt that is relevant to the engine or gearbox.
body is pretty good but does have some dents and paint fade.
fairly sure all the electrics work [windows,cruise,seats etc] however lhr tail light is missing plugs for globes
it has no exhaust system other than the 4 into 1 extractors as it had a massive stainless jobby and i saw no sense in paying extra for a system i would not be using
the interior is completely stuffed, dirty with rips and stains.
tyres are bald
battery is flat and air con doesn't work.
the wheels have the industry standard 2 wheel nuts each and it is crazy loud but test drive is available if you are keen lol.
engine is strong with no smoke or rattles, is maf-less tuned sounds cammy and goes well i would say around 400 HP to my foot but just an educated guess.
Gearbox and clutch feel strong
mechanically everything feels strong and works well, no overheating or things where they should not be etc
comes with some basic spares i had collected including spare computer, clutch plate and clutch cylinder and some other random bits
would make a great donor car, fires up first shot and goes well.
you could fix it up or use it to freshen up another stato or commodore I AM SELLING IT AS A PARTS CAR so only bid if that is clear.
if you don't like the price and think you can get one cheaper i suggest you go and do so, the ls1 is quite a good thing.
Vehicle is located in Tara Queensland 4421 Please Google it as it is a bit of a drive from most of the civilized world.
i can help load it and can store it for a while if needed as long as it has been paid for.
Cash on pickup or Bank deposit only and no kissing or shaking hands.

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Tara, Australia

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