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Sale XA Falcon Wagon 250 manual 3 speed

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XA Falcon Wagon 250 manual 3 speedXA Falcon Wagon 250 manual 3 speedXA Falcon Wagon 250 manual 3 speed

AU $3,600.00

Model:Falcon XA
Options:Air Conditioning
Engine Size (litre):4.1
Modified Item:No
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Number of Previous Owners:2
For Sale by:Private Seller
Cylinders:6 CYL 250 CUBIC
:“Used but good, low reserve”

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Sale Price: AU $3,600.00
Car location: Atherton, Queensland, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 11.02.2021

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1972 XA falcon wagon, 98,000
original miles (157,700Kms). I am 3rd owner. Previous owner had car
for 30 years. I doubt you could find a better XA wagon but please don’t forget,
this is a 49yr old car. These old tanks were almost bullet proof and make an
awesome cruiser.
Positives: *VERY strong
250 motor (does not blow any smoke, no oil leaks) starts and runs beautifully *All
of the cooling system is new (except the radiator) *New battery shelf/tray *4 good
tyres *AC Delco battery (around a year old) *Factory air cond* Firewall, doors,
boot, sills and pillars almost rust free (minor rust in floor) *Upholstery no
tears, interior generally is quite good *Towbar *cast iron head/valves upgraded
to take unleaded fuel *New spray job (I didn’t get it sprayed, the last owner
did) but front guards are not buffed up and he didn’t replace badges and some chrome
trim, but parts all seem to be there as far as I can tell.
Negatives: *Manual steering
column needs work or replacing, the previous
owner didn’t re-assemble completely (ignition key won’t release from barrel) but
the car steers as it is (includes a manual honey pot) please see pics (Ford
wrecker in Vic quoted me $500 for a complete 3 speed column) * Driver side
front indicator patched up with silicone by previous owner, passenger side
front indicator has a crack in lens and one rear brake lense has a small hole
but silicone *few minor dents* carby could do with new gaskets or rebuild but
still runs O.K. *2-way tailgate won’t swing sideways but opens downward (nothing
looks broken inside, I’m fairly sure it’s something simple) * Scratch on roof
over tailgate, surface rust only, see pic *Tailgate missing small strip of
sheet metal (about 6 cm wide 1 metre long) at the very bottom on the inside * Small
tear in roof lining. *Crack in top of grille (3-4 cm long). *Some bog in the
roof gutters and at corners of rear glass (roof would pass rego as it is) if
you can find an XA that doesn’t have rust (or bog) in roof then please buy it (but
it will cost you serious money), but this is the cleanest XA I’ve seen in many
I have tried to be as honest as
possible. These cars are VERY easy cars to work on (no computers or sensors). Includes
spare manual gearbox, workshop manual, radiator, original jack, some new chrome
trim/body spares included and original (exterior) sunvisor but will need
Car not is registered and no
roadworthy certificate. Located approx 75 mins from Cairns. Transport is at the
buyer’s expense. I know of a company near Gold Coast, inexpensive and reliable
(transport to Brisbane from Atherton tablelands is around $1000). Please
research COVID transport restrictions in your state before you bid. If you can’t
pay then please DON’T bid. Car needs to be gone within 2- 4 weeks after being sold.
Car does not leave my garage until payment has cleared in my account. Reluctant
to sell but health has stopped my plans for this uncomplicated old girl. Please ring if you need more info, but only if
you’re serious and only between 2.30pm and 9.00pm only please. SMS or silent numbers
will not be answered. Thankyou.

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Atherton, Queensland, Australia

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